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Focus On Standards (FOS) is an integrated, fully aligned instructional improvement model that combines successful, standards-based, instructional practices, previously fragmented resources, and technology-based assessment tools. This comprehensive design creates systematic reform that yields powerful, improved Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics achievement for all students, including English Learners and students with special needs. This model has been implemented at various levels within school districts. Interventions at districts and programmatic systems have all been successful. Each with a unique approach to address specific site needs and issues. 

There are five essential components of the Focus On Standards (FOS) model. Each component has been individually proven reliable by research to improve student academic achievement. Each FOS component has a relationship to the remaining four components thereby creating a comprehensive, fully aligned model. The five integrated components are: Essential Learnings; research-based effective classroom instruction; formative and summative assessment; structured teacher planning time; and, research-based and proven interventions. FOS uses these components/products to provide the foundation for a proven and highly successful school reform model.

FOS components/products includes Essential Learnings (The Pulliam Group’s prioritized standards that are state specific); administrative and teacher professional development programs and facilitation services and tools;  STPT (structured teacher planning time and related trainings), effective and research-based instructional strategies, and identification and strategies for effective intervention techniques and programs

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