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Customer's standard is the unique criterion.

Based on loose stock dyeing workshop, sewage treatment plant, spinning workshop, weaving workshop, dyeing and finishing workshop, the company specializes in the production of various knitted, weaving yarns, high-grade cashmere and blended fabrics. The production capacity is loose stock dyeing 20T/day, cashmere blended and new model fiber fabric 3000T/year, cashmere and blended fabric 2,000,000m/year.

Raw materials: animal fibers——cashmere, wool, cotton cashmere, alpaca, mulberry silk, tussash silk; natural cellulose fibers: cotton, flax, ramie; regenerated cellulose fibers: viscose, modal, tencel, copper ammonia fiber; chemical fiber: nylon, dacron, PTT, etc. Special yarns and fabrics can be customized upon customer's request by the above raw materials. Leading products include: "Dashing" series yarn—pure cashmere yarn, silk cashmere yarn, cotton cashmere yarn, down hair yarn, silk wool yarn, rabbit hair yarn, camel hair yarn, tencel, modal, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber serial blended yarns of all kinds of yarn counts (14NM-150NM).

In order to promote product grade, improve brand competitiveness, increase added value of products, the company has introduced the newest production line from Italy, and introduced special cashmere workshop. We have developed super worsted cashmere, Merino wool, and blended products with good hand feeling, and it has filled the domestic gaps.

100% merino wool (box-type pilling above 4h 3 grade)
100% cashmere
100% rabbit hair
100% viscose
100% cotton
Mulberry spun silk/cashmere blended series,
Mulberry spun silk/Cotton blended series,
Mulberry spun silk/Cotton/cashmere blended series,
Cotton(organic cotton, pima cotton)/cashmere blended series,
Cotton/Merino wool blended series,
Cotton/viscose(nylon, dacron, modal, tencel, flax) blended series,
Merino wool/cashmere(viscose, nylon, dacron, acrylic fiber) blended series,
Merino wool/viscose/nylon blended series,
Merino wool/nylon/cashmere blended series
Merino wool/viscose/nylon/cashmere blended series
Spun silk/Cotton/viscose/Merino wool/cashmere blended series
Viscose/nylon. Cotton/rabbit hair/cashmere blended series
Flax blended series
Strong twisted yarn blended series
Slubby yarn blended series
Sectional colored yarn blended series
Sectional colored slubby yarn blended series
Tape yarn blended series
Fasciated yarn blended series
Covering yarn blended series
Spotted yarn blended series
AB (ABC) blended yarn
3-80NM(1.8-48S) special knitted and weaving yarns can be customized upon customer's request.

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