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Special Education Management Services

Special education services within a school district or county office of education are challenging, complex processes where compliance with Federal and State Law and student performance are important components. Your district’s special education department’s functioning and the instructional performance of students with Individual Education Plans can be improved through the utilization of The Pulliam Group services.

The Pulliam Group offers school districts and county offices of education a full line of services designed to help meet the challenge of compliant and effective instructional programs.

Staff Development
Our staff of experienced, knowledgeable special education educators can design training for administrators, general and special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents. Although we can design training to meet your individual needs, we have offered training on the following topics: The Statewide Assessment Program, Promotion-Retention of Students with Disabilities, The High School Exit Exam, and Standards Based Instruction.

Recruitment of Staff
Quality special education educators, teachers or administrators, and support personnel are in critical shortage. The Pulliam Group can assist you in recruiting and selecting the best staff available. We can then provide support to the newly hired staff members.

Department Evaluation
Our staff of experts in fiscal, instruction and assessment can design and implement an evaluation of your special education services. Our recommendations will highlight effective, cost-reducing practices for compliance and the improvement of student performance.

Contracted Services
We offer contracted services to meet your unique needs however they relate to your special education programs. Whether it is support for your special education administrator, preparation for self evaluation in Focused Monitoring, a review of your procedures for compliance with Federal or State laws, program improvement, or other unique needs, The Pulliam Group staff will work with you to design the services you need.

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