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Site Plan Development
Following the NCLB model The Pulliam Group offers coordination, facilitation and alignment of district, site and classroom learning outcomes; staff, administration, student and parent surveys that validate perceptions in the eight learning domains that impact student performance; identification of primary barriers preventing student performance; aligning resources to student performance; developing a written plan for improvement; and, developing a timeline for implementation of the model.

Menu of Services
The above services and products can be delivered as a total systemic reform model with a price to be negotiated depending on district/school factors or can be provided in the following training and service modules:

Product 1:
Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Site-based Performance in a Standards-based Environment. This includes 34 days of preparation, training and plan development time including the use of The Pulliam Group’s products and services.

Product 2:
Focusing Standards; Aligning Standards; and, Sequencing Standards. This includes three days of training and materials and can be expanded to include year two and three services.

Product 3:
Using Data to Guide Instruction; and, Data Tools for Teacher Support which includes: using standards-based interim assessments; using standards-based grading systems; using standards-based report cards; standards-based supplemental instruction targeted to individual student learning needs. The service includes the use of IDMS; three days of instructional support and three days of technical training and can be expanded to include year two and three services.

Product 4:
Involving Parents in Their Child’s Education through Technology. Topics and services include Parent Access to Their Child’s Test Scores; Parent Access to the Standards-based taught Curriculum; Parent Access to Lesson Learned; and, Targeted Standards-based Instructional Needs for My Child. This product requires contracting for product #2. It will include in-service training for parents and can be expanded to year two and three services.

Product 5:
Leadership Skills for Administrators in a Standards-based Era; Professional Development for Teachers in a Standards-based Era; Using Content Tools; and, Using Technology Tools to Support My Teaching. This service includes 5 days on site and includes travel and can be expanded to year two and three services.

Product 6:
Including the Special Education Student in a Standards-based Environment. Services provided would focus staff on alignment of goals and objectives to standards; developing and/or monitoring a comprehensive plan and training to provide for the educational needs of special education students. Includes 4 days of training, monitoring and facilitation.

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