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Our II/USP Service Philosophy

We believe teachers and school administrators who use data to guide instructional decisions and actions successfully improve academic achievement for all students. We also support the role of students, parents and community members as partners in the academic improvement process. The Pulliam Group planning process engages school staff, parents, students, and community members in data analysis, promotes the study and review of successful educational practices, and facilitates the development of focused academic improvement strategies. We believe schools need access to meaningful information about themselves as well as others like them who have produced higher levels of academic success.

In general, what does the Pulliam Group's service plan provide?

There are four basic areas of service involved in The Pulliam Group II/USP model: Facilitation; Data and Information; the Written Plan; and the Instructional Data Management System©.

An External or Lead Facilitator is assigned to each II/USP school. The Lead Facilitator will shepherd the principal, teacher leaders, staff, and Community Based Planning Committee through the process of reviewing school data, identifying areas that need improvement, selecting improvement efforts, and working with district staff to align resources and support.

The Lead Facilitator will become familiar with the members of the staff and various planning committees, students, and classroom practices. They will also work with the site administrative team to coordinate data collection, planning meetings, and workshops dedicated to producing a written II/USP school plan.

In addition to the Lead Facilitator's efforts, the school principal, one or two teacher leaders, and a district staff representative are required to participate in an orientation conference that outlines the entire planning process, provides information about "behind the scenes services" such as SAT 9 analysis, survey administration and analysis, and plan writing. During the conference II/USP school representatives will have the opportunity to meet and learn from members of the support staff.

Data and Information
The Pulliam Group collects and organizes school based demographic information and achievement data. We also have an exclusive contract to provide Student Learning Environment survey services and analysis from Winick & Lewis. With these significant sources of data, we are able to triangulate data around eight research-based domains related to student performance.

School data is presented to the staff and the planning committee in an easy to read format. The data serves as the "preliminary report" of findings to the school and the Board of Education and is ultimately included in the written plan.

The Written Plan
We pride ourselves in providing a "full service" model of support. The Pulliam Group takes responsibility for writing the II/USP plan the school is required to submit to the California Department of Education. Our plan format is designed to communicate all aspects of the planning process and to fulfill all state identified plan requirements.

Schools will receive the plan template and a calendar of activities to support the development of the plan during the orientation conference. Each school follows the same plan format, however due to the differences in schools, the content of each plan is unique to the academic needs of students at that school. Schools are given opportunities to review and edit the plan throughout the development of the document. The final plan reflects a research-based, team developed outline of instructional strategies.

Instructional Data Management System©
Each Pulliam Group II/USP school will receive specially designed software to provide three key aspects of support for academic improvement. The Instructional Data Management System's three components afford the school staff the opportunity to quickly and expertly review SAT 9 achievement scores, use standards-based, interim assessment to guide instructional practices, and access a data base that encompasses everything from standards-based lesson planning to standards-based grade books to standards-based report cards.

The Instructional Data Management System is a unique product, inspired by our work with II/USP schools. This highly compatible software is totally devoted to helping teachers focus their work, reduce "paper-work," and work with co-teachers to meet the academic needs of all students.

What is the cost of service for the Planning year?
The Pulliam Group II/USP contract for the planning year includes facilitation/ consultation fees, services and products specified in the contract, and expenses such as travel. Please refer to the contract for more detailed information.

Are support services available beyond the planning year?
Pulliam Group II/USP schools may contract with The Pulliam Group for Year Two and Year Three (implementation years) services. Schools contracting for on-going support receive services such as conferences, on-site coaching and monitoring, and written reports fulfilling state requirements.

Additional Questions . . .
For more information concerning The Pulliam Group services for II/USP schools, please call (909) 792-6110.


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