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IDMS (Instructional Data Management System) offers an integrated approach to manage and use data to drive instructional practices, improve student achievement, and optimize learning results. IDMS supports a standards based instructional approach that delivers user-friendly data directly to the desktop of the teacher through a web based design. IDMS provides powerful analysis capabilities that allows educators to target improvement efforts and personalize student interventions or supplemental learning opportunities. Basic features include:

State Assessment Analyzer
The State Assessment Analyzer allows state specific disaggregation of student performance data (norm or criterion referenced tests) in a teacher friendly menu.

Curriculum/Course Management System
A tool to provide district/site personnel to align syllabi to standards; align existing instructional materials to standards; pace and map curriculum; create linked lesson plans and interim assessments to support direct instruction in the classroom and to link all to a grade book and report card.

Interim Assessments
Interim Assessments allows district/schools to load existing formative assessments or to create assessments that are linked to standards to determine the performance of students throughout the year in the acquisition of grade level standards.

Electronic Grade Book
A tool that allows teachers to track student achievement as it relates to standards and interim assessments that transfers the scores into the standards-based report card.

Report Card
A tool that allows a district/site to create a standards-based report that is driven by the electronic grade book.

Lesson Planner
Lesson Planner provides the ability to correlate lesson-planning activities to content standards.

Parent Communication
A web site that allows parents secure access to student grades on the grade book (limitations set by district/school or teacher; generates status reports (both hard copies as well as e mail); and provides activities for parents to use with students at home based upon the student’s needs.


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